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We do not sell eyebrow adhesive. However, you can get them from any hair products store. We recommend only use eyebrow adhesive glue to hold the eyebrows in place.

Every woman would love to have thicker and fuller eyebrows to make them look good and more youthful. Not everyone is born with perfectly shaped eyebrows. Eyebrows have strong impact on the appearance of your face. The perfect eyebrows can enhance the beauty of your eyes. An unruly eyebrow can hide the beauty of your eyes. If you have sparse eyebrows due to aging or medical conditions or you may want to apply them to create a subtle change than false eyebrows might be the solution for you. Whatever your reason for applying false eyebrows, you can rest assure on our 100% human hair eyebrows that make your eyes look the very best naturally. Our human hair eyebrows can help you achieve the look you want.

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We do not recommend trimming or cutting our eyebrows unless it is necessary.You can wear our eyebrows while you take shower, although we do not recommend apply soap or excessive water on our eyebrows. Do not swim or use a sauna while wearing your eyebrows. Extreme heat or water can lead to color loss or may cause stress on your eyebrows. These eyebrows will stay glued to your eyebrows for several weeks before needing to be reapplied or replaced.

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